What is Innovation?

For the purpose of these awards, ‘innovation is the application of distinctive, useful ideas’

  • To improve media products and services
  • Increase efficiency
  • To improve revenue or reduce cost
  • And improve the consumer experience

A truly innovative award-winning idea would satisfy several of these criteria.


To identify and reward innovative practices among media publishers and broadcasters, specifically in the areas of content, marketing, distribution and in the work place.


The Indian media business has gone through a period of extraordinary growth – and upheaval.

Even as traditional media companies have lost out on old advantages, many among them have built new capabilities.

Media companies in India have changed in the past decade far more than they are given credit for.

At the heart of this success is determination to deal with change – and an ability to innovate in every aspect of the business.

It is this application of unusual, useful ideas to improve products and services that the MEDIA INNOVATION AWARDS seek to recognize.

Final Showdown:
March 26, 2020
Taj MG Road, Bengaluru

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